These videos are here so that you may hear the Word of God and experience Jesus Christ with us through our worship.  Our hope is that you will visit this page often, and that as you visit here, you may be blessed with renewed faith in Christ our Lord.  As you view these messages, let the Holy Spirit speak to you, and may the Spirit lead you to faith and faithful living.


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09/25/2022Pastor Jira Albers Worship Service ()
Luke 16: 19-31
09/18/2022Pastor Rick Schmieg Worship Service ()
Luke 16: 1-13
09/11/2022Pastor Jira Albers Worship Service ()
Luke 15; 1-10
09/04/2022Pastor Jira Albers Worship Service ()
Luke 14: 25-33
08/28/2022Pastor Jira Albers Worship Service ()
Luke 12: 13-21
08/21/2022Pastor Jira Albers Worship Sevice ()
Luke 6: 37-42

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